Research lines

Partnerships for innovation in knowledge intensive companies. Opportunities for cross-sectoral innovation

Principal Investigator:Carmen Cabello Medina
Keywords: innovation, intersectoral

Activity description

Our research aims to establish an explanatory model of innovation in the alliances established for knowledge intensive companies. This model provides for the joint effect of the characteristics of partnerships and portfolios and management capacities of such agreements, on innovation performance. The impact of these inter-organizational agreements pertaining to other traditional industries, considered not usually how intensive in knowledge (intersectoral innovation) is also analyzes. The interaction between these groups of variables, rather than each variable separately, can determine the achievement of the objectives of innovation and the resulting innovation type. Finally, this explanatory model is completed with the analysis of variables related to the region, external to the company itself and its portfolio of alliances, which could encourage or inhibit the transfer of knowledge and, therefore, to influence the results of innovation portfolio and the company.

Professional Profile and Transfers

Team members:

Gloria Cuevas Rodríguez
Antonio Carmona wash
Vesna Vlaisavljevic
Bart Van Looy (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium)