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The Department of Business Administration at the University Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla in order to disseminate and facilitate discussion of the ongoing work of their teachers edit the present series of Working Papers. To ensure maximum dissemination Series is registered in RePEc and service EDIRC: Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World.

The series considers work disciplines: Business Organisation, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Accounting. However, for the collection can be of help to the widest possible spectrum of researchers, may also be considered other disciplines or work from other universities. Jobs are subject to a blind review process of at least one evaluator of prestige in the reference area.

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  • 07.05 Organization and procedure of the auditing overseas as the documentation in the Court of Accounts section of the Archivo General de Indias (1851-1893)
    by Fernando Gutierrez Hidalgo [Downloadable!]
  • 07.04 Management Accounting Uses: Empirical Evidence Within Interorganizational Relationships by Jose M. Sanchez & Maria L. Juan M. Velez & Ramon [ Downloadable! ]
  • 07.03 Criticism and Counter-Criticism of Public Management: Strategy Models by Louis C. Ortigueira [ Downloadable! ]
  • 07.02 Corporate Entrepreneurship: Building a Knowledge-Based View of the Firm by Isabel Pizarro-Moreno & Juan C. Real & Elena Sousa-Ginel [ Downloadable! ]
  • 07.01 A Systems Approach to Public Policies by Luis C. Ortigueira [ Downloadable! ]


Posting Rules

  • The work will be related mainly, but not limited to the areas of Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Accounting.
  • The extension of the work will be free. However, it is desirable that had the normal extension in a refereed journal in the area.
  • On the first page will include the title, author names, University of reference and contact details. The second will include the title, abstract and keywords (three to five). The third begins with the title and then the first point of work.
  • Paragraphs should be numbered consecutively. The text should be typed Times New Roman, size 12, justified, double spaced, with first line indent to 1.25. Figures and tables should be inserted in the right placein which the authors wish it to appear. The titles of these figures appear in bold and centered, Times New Roman, size 12. The source is included at the bottom, Times New Roman, italic, size 10, justified.
  • The section references will be indicated as "References" not including box number. It is recommended to refer to the template that is provided as a sample format
  • The references considered the following formats:

    Journal articles:

    Surname, N. (Year): Title, Publication, Vol (No), pp. xx-xx.

    Example: Morgan, R., Hunt, S. (1994): "The Commitment-trust Theory of Relationship Marketing", Journal of Marketing, Vol 58 (July), pp. 20-38.

    Papers presented at conferences:

    Surname, N. (Year): "Title", Proceedings of the Congress of reference, pp. xx-xx.

    Example: Tambe, H., Mehta, S. (1995): "A case study of multinational bank's use Relationship marketing in corporate banking," Proceedings of the XVIII Annual Conference of the Academy of Marketing Science, pp. 125-133.


Surname, N. (Year): Title. Publisher, place published.

          Example: Yin, R. (1994): Case study research: design and methods. SAGE Publications, London.

Contributions and book chapters:

Surname, N. (Year): "Title chapter / contribution." Last Name N. (Eds.): Title of book. Publisher, place of

          Example: Van Bruggen, G., Buklin, L. (1997): "The Impact of Changes in the power and information
balance upon the quality of supplier-reseller Relationships in food marketing channels.
Wierenga, B. (Eds.): Agricultural marketing and Consumer Behaviour in a changing world. Kuwer
Academic Publishers, Dordrecht.

Thesis: Surname, N. (Year of defense): "Title." University.

Other references: In the opinion of the authors, maintaining consistent with previous formats.

More responsive to the review process, authors may suggest a possible evaluator for the job.

Manuscripts should be sent by email to any of the editors of the Series:

- Ana Pérez-Luño:
- Raquel Florez Lopez: