RSS feeds

To subscribe to some RSS feeds provided by the Department of Business Administration from the University Pablo de Olavide , select the ones listed below. Click here and follow the instructions in your RSS reader.


What is RSS?

RSS is a simple data format that is used to disseminate content to subscribers to a website. Usually contain headlines, short summaries and links that lead to a more detailed COTENA on the web.

What do I need to use RSS?

To subscribe to RSS feeds, you need to use a RSS feed reader. There are many readers arrange them. Many of them free. Following the link below you can access a list of RSS readers provided by Google.

Once you've chosen an RSS reader, simply subscribe to the channels they consider most interesting.

What are the benefits of using RSS?

The RSS reader will alert you whenever any of their favorite sites add new information, without having to visit them periodically to check for new information.

For more information about RSS, you can visit the Wikipedia.