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* Máster en Dirección de Empresas
Master Universitario en Profesorado de ESO, Bachiller, FP y Enseñanza de idiomas

Office hours

TUESDAY 9:15 to 15:15.

Please confirm attendance by e-mail if possible.


Research Profile

In research I have two main areas of interest: Education and Management.

Related to business, I study the effective use of technology in organizations and their applications to different functional areas, especially relational marketing and mobile business (technlology adoption, m-marketing and m-commerce); In education my main topics are bullying, e-learning, educational innovation and education for development (childhood).

I participate in several research projects results of which have been published in refereed international journals such as Industrial Management and Data Systems (JCR), Journal of Organizacional Computing and Electronic Commerce (JCR),Universia Business Review (JCR)... between others. My last research stays were in University of Vaasa (Finland, 2015) and Turku Universitity (2016) .


Lopez-Catalan, B. y Bañuls, V.A (2017) “A Delphi-based approach for detecting Key e-learning trends in postgraduate education: the Spanish Case” Education + Training, Vol. 59 Issue: 6, doi: 10.1108/ET-12-2016-0186

Lopez-Catalan et al, (2017) ¿Convivencia o Bullying? Análisis, prevención y afrontamiento del acoso entre iguales. Andalusian School of Public Health Download

Lopez-Catalan, B. (2016) What makes one say: buy it with the mobile phone!, WHAT MAKES ONE SAY: BUY IT WITH THE MOBILE PHONE!, Journal of Services Marketing (in press)

Lopez-Catalan, B.; San Martin-Gutierrez, S. (2013) Perfiles de compradores españoles por teléfono móvil, Universia Business Review, 38, 50-66.

San-Martin-Gutierrez, S.; Lopez-Catalan, B. (2013) How can a mobile vendor get satisfied customers? Industrial Management and Data Systems, 113,2 pp.156-170.

San-Martin-Gutierrez, S.; Lopez-Catalan, B.; Ramón-Jerónimo, M. Á (2013) Mobile Shoppers: Types, Drivers, and Impediments, Journal of organizational computing and electronic commerce, 23,4, pp: 350-371.

San-Martin-Gutierrez, S.; Lopez-Catalan, B.; Ramón-Jerónimo, M. Á (2012) Determinants of involvement in mobile commerce. The moderator role of gender. ESIC-MARKET. REVISTA INTERNACIONAL DE ECONOMÍA DE EMPRESA, 141, pp. 69-101.

Teaching Profile

- Educational Innovation (Master's degree in secondary education teacher training, Pablo de Olavide University)

- Information Systems (Business Administration, Pablo de Olavide University)

- Educational Management (Master's degree in Educational Management)

- School Bullying (Andalusian Public School, Public and Private Schools, Parent's Schools)


Professional Profile and Transfers

Reports and derivatives contracts of transfer of research:

Implementation of KiVa antibullying program in Spain in collaboration with Instituto Escalae (Institute for Quality Education)

-Trends in e-learning (Escuela de Organización Industrial); 

- Tourism promotion of the Middle cities of Andalucia in Internet (Junta de Andalucía) 

- Groups of educational innovation (INNOVAGOGIA and international educational innovation group) and member of the Center for Sociology and local policies).