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Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad, acreditado a Catedrático de Universidad)

Research Profile

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Teaching Profile

Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad, Universidad Pablo de Olavide). Alumni of ESADE (MBA), Harvard Law School (ITP, Fulbright Scholar) and London Business School (Masters in Finance). Teaching in the area of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship in the Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Fifteen years of experience in education. Research in the area of Strategic Management (corporate turnarounds) and entrepreneurship (small business growth). PHD in Business Administration from the University of Seville (Jan/2007). He has also worked for the private sector between 1995 and 2005 (PwC, KPMG, Accenture), both in Spain (Barcelona) and the United Kingdom (London), holding executive positions (Accenture). He was an adjunct professor at ESADE Barcelona (1996-1998). He has been a visiting professor at the University of Portland (United States).

Selected publications

Barbero, J., Martinez, J., Moreno, A. (2019). Should declining firms be aggressive during the retrenchment process?. Journal of Management, article in press. 

Casillas, J., Moreno, A. M., Barbero, J. L., & Clinton, E. (2019). Retrenchment strategies and family involvement: The role of survival risk. Family Business Review, article in press.

Barbero, J. L., Di Pietro, F., & Chiang, C. 2017a. A rush of blood tú the head: Temporal dimensions of retrenchment, environment and turnaround performance. Long Range Planning, 50: 862–879.

Barbero, J. L., Ramos, A., & Chiang, C. 2017b. Restructuring in dynamic environments: A dynamic capabilities perspective. Industrial and Corporate Change, 26: 593–615.

Professional Profile and Transfers

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