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Research Profile

Ramón-Jerónimo, M. A., & Herrero, I. (2017). Capturing firms’ heterogeneity through marketing and IT capabilities in SMEs. Sustainability (Switzerland), 9(12). https://doi.org/10.3390/su9122180

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Teaching Profile

Professor at the Pablo de Olavide University since 2002. Previous experience in the University of Seville and numerous training courses and teaching to professorship in structural equation models at universities such as: Deusto University, Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of Granada, etc.

Professional Profile and Transfers



Special Prize of Doctorate by the University of Seville. 2005-2006

Novel Award Finalist postdoctoral researcher ACEDE by communication "MANAGEMENT CONTROL IN SUPPLY CHAINS INFORMATION SHARING. BUYER AND SUPPLIER EFFECTS ON TRUST AND PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS CONTINUITY" (with Ramon Jeronimo, Juan Manuel Lopez and Florez, Raquel