Research Staff Exchange

GENDERCIT promotes the international exchange of research staff from the European partners (UPO, UNIFI, PARIS 8, ICS-UL, and UGR) to the Latin-American universities (UnCuyo, UnSalta, COLEF). The exchange programme will contribute to the development of several research and training activities in which experienced and early-stage researchers will participate.

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PIRTNetGS Network

GENDERCIT will create a space to consolidate the permanent interdisciplinary research and training network on gender studies.

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Summer School

The main objective of the Summer School is to review the existing knowledge base (state-of-the-art) on theories, concepts and policies in the different countries and research lines.  It will take place in the University of Florence (Italy), in Italy.


Joint Workshops and Seminars

In GENDERCIT, researchers will participate in numerous seminars and workshops within the framework of the Exchange programme. In addition, GENDERCIT envisages four joint events with the aim of debating theories, concepts and comparing empirical research; promoting the transfer of knowledge and disseminate research results:

  • Conference in the National University of Cuyo (Argentina)
  • Monitoring Workshop in the University of PARIS 8 (France)
  • Symposium in the National University of Salta (Argentina)
  • Final Conference in El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (Méjico)

Latest News about Joint Workshops and Seminars in GENDERCIT 

Research Themes

Research and training activities will revolve around four main research themes:

  • Citizenship: equality of social and political rights.
  • Gender Violences
  • Education and Gender
  • Migration


Scientific Publications

One of the main GENDERCIT’s objectives is to provide the scientific community, the citizenship and policy-makers with novel and highly relevant knowledge. Therefore, the researchers participating in GENDERCIT will publish joint papers and will participate in numerous conferences.

Scientific Publications