María del Carmen Monreal Gimeno
María del Carmen Monreal Gimeno Professor of Social Psychology in the UPO. Co-director of the Master of Gendre and Equality. She has directed cooperation projects in the UPO and has participated in other projects about the situation of women, funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID). She was the Head of the UPO’s Gendre Classroom (2003-2007) and Coordinator of different research projects. +34 954 34 90 83 CV
Mª Rocío Cárdenas Rodríguez
Mª Rocío Cárdenas Rodríguez PhD in Education and director of the research “Cultural Diversity and Gender”. Researcher on research projects on education and cultural diversity. Member of the Research Group on Environmental Education and Cultural Diversity. Professor at the University Pablo de Olavide since 2003. In 2012 she received the University Teaching Excellence for his work as a teacher.
María Teresa Terrón Caro
María Teresa Terrón Caro Professor at the University Pablo de Olavide and Director of the Emergent Research Group SEJ-457 whose areas of research are “Cultural diversity in education institutions” and “International migrations, gender and vulnerability”. Official Master Coordinator “Gender and Equality” at the University Pablo de Olavide. Research fellow in the Research Group for Environmental Education, Diversity and Co-Development (HUM 928).
Mª Victoria Pérez de Guzmán Puya
Mª Victoria Pérez de Guzmán Puya Doctora en Pedagogía. Profesora Titular de Pedagogía Social en el Departamento de Educación y Psicología Social de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Sus líneas de investigación se centran en el campo de la Pedagogía Social y la Educación Social, en temas como la resolución de conflictos, la animación sociocultural y el desarrollo comunitario, valores y educación, educación de personas adultas y mayores y metodologías cualitativas. Miembro de la Red Iberoamericana de Pedagogía Social y de la Sociedad Iberoamericana de Pedagogía Social, así como Secretaria Científica de “Pedagogía Social”, revista interuniversitaria. +34 954 978 009
Amapola Povedano Díaz
Amapola Povedano Díaz Has earned a PhD in social psychology at the University Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Spain, where she currently works as a lecturer in the area of Social Psychology for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Her research focuses on the study of gender in psychosocial adjustment of adolescents, analysing community, family, school and individual variables. She has authored chapters, books and articles in journals indexed on gender and equality.
Teresa Rebolledo Gámez
Teresa Rebolledo Gámez Doctoral student at the University Pablo de Olavide, She holds a University degree in Social Education and Social Work and Master degree in Social Sciences and Social Intervention. Honorary Collaborator in the Department of Education and Social Psychology. Member of the Research Group on Environmental Education, Diversity and Co-Development, with research lines relating to the formation of professionals in diversity, migration, gender and intercultural education.
Mª del Rocío Rodríguez Casado
Mª del Rocío Rodríguez Casado University degree in Social Work and Social Education. Master Degree in Education for Development, Social Awareness and Culture of Peace. PhD student of the research line Development and Citizenship. Member of the Environmental Education Research Group, Diversity and Co-development. Research areas: education and intercultural development in socio-educational contexts, proceedings in school cultural diversity, migration and gender.
Belén Martínez Ferrer
Belén Martínez Ferrer
Candelaria Terceno Solozano
Candelaria Terceno Solozano
Giovanna Campani
Giovanna Campani Full professor of Intercultural Education at the University of Florence since 1996. She has obtained a second chair, Gender Anthropology in 2005. The present academic position reflects Campani’s specific multidisciplinary profile and scientific contribution to more than one cross-disciplinary area. Campani combines training in Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology sanctioned by diplomas obtained in various European Universities in Italy, Switzerland and France: Master in Philosophy, Master in Sociology and PhD in Ethnology.
Tiziana Chiappelli
Tiziana Chiappelli Tiziana Chiappelli has obtained a PhD in Education and an M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Florence; she is specialized in Intercultural and Linguistic Sciences. She is presently Research Assistant at the Department of Education. Her main research fields are: sociology of religions and religion studies; sociology of migrations – immigrations (esp. female migrants); second language and the school; maintenance of the mother tongue among immigrants and their children. She participated in several European Projects, such as: RomEco-Roma integration in economy (2005); Leonardo-Intercultural Communication (2008); FeMiPol (2008); and “INCLUD-ED” (028603-2, CITIZENS-2004-2.1.2) (2006-2011).
Stefano Cuomo
Stefano Cuomo Stefano Cuomo born in Florence in 1963, got his degree in Electronic Engineering cum laude at the University of Florence in 1990. In 1994 he got his Ph. D. degree in Remote Sensing Engineering. From 2008 he is involved with CNIT, University of Florence and other Research Organisation where he is dealing with Innovation Management, particularly focused on technology transfer towards SME, advanced use of telematics and their impact on society. He has specific competences and long term experience in Project Management for research projects.
Andrea Spini
Andrea Spini Professor of Sociology and Sociology of Labour market at the Florence University, has been director of the Sociological Department of Sciences of Education, University of Florence and coordinator of post-lauream specialisation courses SISS. He has participated in several National and International researches. He published on the topic: “Forme di immigrazione e mutamento in Toscana”, Felici editori, Pisa, 2010. “I confini del mediterraneo”, Titivillus, 2004.
Giovanni Stanghellini
Giovanni Stanghellini (LLM in International Human Rights Law, Phd in “Individual Persons and Legal Protection” expected). After the Law degree (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna) he is Lecturer in International Law at University of Siena for Foreign Students. He focused his research on the international protection and promotion of human rights. With a solid legal and antropological background, he collaborates with the team since February 2013 as researcher in the RAGE project.
Silvia Lelli
Silvia Lelli Silvia Lelli, PhD. in Anthropology of Education (2004), adjunct teacher and researcher in Cultural and Social Anthropology (specific fields: Education, Gender, Visual, Linguistic Interaction) at University of Florence-I. Project researcher in Transcultural Interaction, Gender Interaction, Racism, School Ethnography. Fieldworks in Morocco, Bolivia, Italy, Pakistan. Founder of AntropoLogiche Association, videomaker producing documentaries with ethnographic methods on women and intercultural issues.
Annie Benveniste
Annie Benveniste Cultural anthropology professor in the Department of Educational Sciences and in the interdisciplinary Master on Gender Studies – University of Paris 8. She was doing research on Education and development, education and technologies, immigration, intergenerational transmission; the construction of memory in narratives; women and religion; women and violence. She wrote different books and peer review articles on these themes.
Adelina Miranda
Adelina Miranda Researcher at the University of Naples Federico II. She teaches at the Faculty of Sociology of Naples and at the University of Paris 8. Member of the research team on CRESPPA–GTM (Gender, Labour and Mobility). Board executive of the research committee “Migration, Internationalization and otherness” of the French Sociological Association. Her research concerns the mobility and especially on gender and migration in the Mediterranean area.
Cristina Castellano
Cristina Castellano Doctor in Arts and Cultural Studies from the University of Paris1 Sorbonne. She is specialized in museum and gender studies. Her research concerns the development of contemporary grammatical aesthetics, the construction of feminist lectures of arts and material culture. She teaches a seminar on “ Gender Language and Performance” at the University of Lille 3. She is the scientific director of the Conference on Visual Feminisms.
Palmira La Riva González
Palmira La Riva González PHD in Anthropology – University of Paris Ouest. Lecturer in social anthropology at the University of Paris 8, Educational Sciences department; Anthropology of the Body and Gender teacher at Buc Ressources Institut for Special Education (Buc). Associate member at the laboratory of compared ethnology and sociology (LESC) – University of París Ouest. Her current research interests include the person-body practices and representations of the femininity and masculinity.
Jenny Beltrán
Jenny Beltrán Doctor Candidate in the Centre of Feminist Studies – University of Paris 8. Member of the GTM Laboratory (Gender, Work and Mobility) CNRS, Paris. Member of a research group on “Thinking Gender” at the Social and Cultural Studies Institute at Javeriana, University of Bogotá – Colombia. She organized different kinds of activities on the Topic of Gender and the representations in art and literature of different trends in international mobility and the perverse activities of human trafficking (2011).
Marzia Grassi
Marzia Grassi Marzia Grassi is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon in Portugal. She is an unorthodox economist, holding a PhD in Development Economics and an interdisciplinary Master in African Studies. TLM&G Network Perfil
Marianna Bacci Tamburlini
Marianna Bacci Tamburlini Marianna Bacci Tamburlini is a PhD researcher at the ICS Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon, with the project “Conjugality and citizenship: undocumented migrants’ experiences in Italy and Portugal”. She has a background in development studies and her main research interests are related with undocumented migration, conjugal ties, transnational families and citizenship. TLM&G network Academia CV
Manuel Abrantes
Manuel Abrantes PhD candidate in Economic and Organizational Sociology at the University of Lisbon; Guest Lecturer in Sociology of Work and Leisure at the Open University of Portugal; Member of SOCIUS – Research Centre in Economic and Organizational Sociology. Since 2007, he has been active in empirical research on employment, gender equality, migration, and political participation. His work is published in several edited volumes and academic journals. CV
Tatiana Ferreira
Tatiana Ferreira Tatiana Ferreira is a sociologist and a PhD researcher at ISCTE- IUL and ICS-UL, with the project “Gender and generations: processes of transition to adult life of young descendants from PALOP”. Since 2008, she cooperates with Prof. Marzia Grassi. Her main research interests are related with youth transitions to adulthood, gender identities, migration and generations. Linkedin TLM&G Network page
Mercedes Cuevas López
Mercedes Cuevas López Ph. D. in Educational Sciences. University Professor at the UGR. Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education. Member of the Research Group: LABOSFOR SEJ059. Member of the scientific committee of the magazines: Euphoros, Il Mestiere Della Pedagogia and Pedagogia Più Didattica. President of the UNESCO Centre of Ceuta. Research interests: educational organization, leadership, multicultural education, gender and education.
Francisco Díaz Rosas
Francisco Díaz Rosas Ph. D. in Educational Sciences. University Professor. Vice Dean for Academic Organisation in the Faculty of Education and Humanities from 1997 to 2005. Member of the panel of experts of the Canarian Agency for the Assessment (ACECAU). Member of the Research Group: LABOSFOR SEJ059. Technical Secretary of JETT. Research interests: multicultural and intercultural education, evaluation of educational centers, programs and teachers.
Marina García Carmona
Marina García Carmona Graduated in Infant Education and Pedagogy (Univ. of Granada). She is working on her PhD and is part of the Department of Didactics and School Organization´s Teaching and Research Personnel (UGR). Research fields: leadership, intercultural education, inclusive school, family involvement in school, immigration, gender, school organization, teaching, international education, educational innovation.
Yasmine Leulmi
Yasmine Leulmi Degree in Translation and Interpretation- University of Algiers, Master in Management of International Cooperation and NGOs. Euro Arab Foundation for Advanced Studies-University of Granada, Master in Translation and Interpretation. Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Granada. Member of the Research Group: LABOSFOR SEJ059 “Research Laboratory Training and Professionalization. Translator and collaborator of the Magazine JETT “Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers”.
Rosana Paula Rodríguez
Rosana Paula Rodríguez UNCuyo Sociologist. Master and Ph.D. in Feminist Research at the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville, Spain. Professor, Researcher and Director of Publications in the FCPyS, UNCuyo. She teaches at Aconcagua University. She is a member of IDEGEM, UNCuyo. She has participated in numerous research projects and published several articles in scientific journals, book’s chapters, and the book “Cuerpo y Política”.
Alejandra Ciriza
Alejandra Ciriza Has her Ph.D. in Philosophy with honors in 1995. She is independent researcher of CONICET and professor in Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. She is the Vice- president of the Women and Gender Studies Institute in the same University. She supervised several thesis, and was speaker on national and international conferences. She published more than 70 scientific articles, 30 book’s chapters and she was scientific editor of 3 books.
Sara Judit Gutierrez
Sara Judit Gutierrez PhD in Speech therapy. Psychologist. Psychoanalyst. Research team member CEA – SECyT, Córdoba National University, Argentina. Student of the PhD Gender Studies, Córdoba National University. Member of the equipment of accompaniment to witnesses and plaintiffs in lawsuits for crimes against humanity. Psychologist of the gender policy department of Mendoza City Council. Member of the human rights organizations.
Eva Rodríguez Agüero
Eva Rodríguez Agüero Holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences and a Degree in Social Communication. Currently she has a postdoctoral shipscholarship at Conicet, in Argentina. She is also professor at the National University of Cuyo. She is involved in several research projects, collaborations and international research networks. Her main research interests are feminist genealogies in Latin America. She has published in international and national scientific journals.
Graciela Cousinet
Graciela Cousinet Has a Master degree in Social Sciences with both specializations in Sociology and Political Science (Latin American School of Social Sciences FLACSO, 2005). She is Dean to the School of Social and Political Sciences since 2011. She is main professor in Political Sociology in the same faculty. She has directed many investigations related to education, ideology and social movements. Has also published several books and articles, one of the more important of them is “The history of rock as a social movement in Mendoza”
Azucena Beatriz Reyes Suarez
Azucena Beatriz Reyes Suarez Sociologist of El Salvador University, Buenos Aires, Argentina, teacher and researcher of Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. She is Vice-dean of the School of Political and Social Sciences, UNCuyo. She is the General Coordinator of Scientific and Academic Coordination of this School. She wrote of a book, scientific articles and books’ chapters, and she participates as panelist and speaker in scientific and academic meetings.
Patricia González Prado
Patricia González Prado Feminist and lawyer, she is a memeber of the feminist group Las Juanas y las Otras, the association Des.Cos.Idas, and the Institute of Women and Gender Studies, University of Cuyo, Argentina, from which she promotes a variety of intervention-action projects involving violence against women, human rights and sexuality. Her current investigation line gathers these topics along with the notion of autonomy considered from different feminist traditions.   CV
Sofía da Costa Marques
Sofía da Costa Marques Sofía da Costa Marques is 29 years old. She is a Sociologist form Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, and she is a feminist activist in a feminist group called Las Juanas y lasOtras. She currently has an investigation grant of the Secretary of Science, Technics and Post Graduated Studies of Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Her main interests in the research field are real access of women to their sexual and reproductive rights, public policies related to sexuality and (non) reproduction and state regulations over bodies.
María Cristina Fuenzalida
María Cristina Fuenzalida María Cristina Fuenzalida Cuevas, 33 years old, is a History teacher and feminist activist. She is finishing her the Master of Latin-American Studies in Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza. She has formation on Gender Studies and Latin- American Feminist theories and she is currently developing research lines about Liberation Philosophy, Erotic and Ethics of Liberation of Enrique Dussel, Latin- American feminism and feminist Ethics.
Natalia Naciff
Natalia Naciff Holds a BA in American and Argentinean history, FFyL-UNCuyo. MA in Latin-American studies. She teaches Argentinean social history II (FCPyS UNCuyo). She has an internship at the Technical, Scientific and Graduate Courses Department, UNCuyo. She is a member of the Interns’ Publishing Committee, FFyL- UNCuyo. This committee is in charge of Periscopio, mirando entornos, their first online magazine. Her research work is about feminists’ recollections and political activities in Mendoza.
Aleyda Yanes Bethencourt
Aleyda Yanes Bethencourt Holds a Bachelor in psicology, a Masters in Gender Studies and Citizenship from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona as well as a Masters in Forensic Psicology from the Spanish Association of Behavioural Psicology. She is a co-founder member of the Association Descosidas which has been accomplishing since 2010 several projects involving research, training and intervention from a feminist perspective in Argentina and Spain. Within the latter she has been focused on the area of health, particularly on women’s mental health and tackling gender violence from a theoretical and therapeutical point of view.
Ana de Anquin
Ana de Anquin Master in Scientific Research with SocioAnthropological orientation at National University of Córdoba. In charge of local projects in different cultural regions, in the Andean areas (Tastil and Coya culture) as well as Chaco (Guaraní and Chané culture). Evaluator and trainer of intercultural projects. Author of publications such as: “Teaching at Unaccessible Areas. Teachers and Local People, Places and Times”.
María Dolores Bazan
María Dolores Bazan Master in Teaching, professor in Regional Headquarters Tartagal. Researcher of CISEN, she has participated in projects related to intercultural bilingual education and the rights of indigenous peoples from a pedagogical point of view. Coauthor of the books:”Explorations border (intercultural pedagogical sketches)”; “Opaete reve yaeka ñande raikuere” (together we seek our history).
Flor De María Rionda
Flor De María Rionda Professor in Pedagogy from the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. Specialist Teaching by UBA – University of Buenos Aires. Researcher CISEN member. Professor in charge of the courses “Psychopedagogy of Literacy” and “Popular Education”. He has extensive experience in educational management at the provincial level as well as management background as a former dean of the Faculty of Humanities UNSa.
María Gabriela Soria
María Gabriela Soria Professor of Science Education in the Faculty of Humanities at the National University of Salta. Magister in Teaching, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Institutional Analysis Specialist at the National University of Salta. She is Director of CISEN and directs the Project: The teacher formation and performance contexts: boundaries in practical formation, C.I.UNsa.
Elizabeth Ofelia Bellavilla
Elizabeth Ofelia Bellavilla Professor in Science Education. Masters in Education. Ph.D. Thesis in Science Education Autonomous University of Barcelona. Professor at the National University of Salta, in the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty career and Bachelor of Science in Education in Teaching materials, Teaching, Strategies and Professional Practice. Research Fellow of the Centre for Socio-Educational Research and CIUNSa.
Ariel Alfredo Durán
Ariel Alfredo Durán Professor of “Social Psychology” and “Institutions and Groups” in the Career of degree Science and Education and Science Comunication of the National University of Salta. Researcher at CISEN is Director of the Proyect/1: Institutional culture and identity recognition. He has coursed Master in “Social psychology” – Thesis in progress.
María Angeles Bensi
María Angeles Bensi Professor of Science in Education and junior researcher at CISEN – National University of Salta, in the project: The teacher formation and performance contexts: boundaries in practical formation. Since 1997, she cooperates with Mgter. Ana de Anquín. Her main research interested in lines researcher related to interculturality and formation.
María Eugenia Burgos
María Eugenia Burgos Professor of Science Education. Adolescence Specialist guidance in Developmental Psychology. Researcher of CISEN in a Program directed by Mgter. Ana de Anquin: Interculturality and Formation. Differences and pedagogical challenges in borders. Coordinated teacher training proposals such as “Adolescence, body and sexuality” and “Integral sexual education: enabling experiences”.
Analia Beatriz Villagrán
Analia Beatriz Villagrán Professor at Environmental Education Cathedra. She is doing the Environmental Education Master. She manages university extension projects that integrate social and environmental issues of urban and rural communities. Member of CISEN in the research Project “Bilingual intercultural education and decolonial change”. In charge of the Environmental and Training Area of the Environmental Secretariat of Salta.
Gabriela Cecilia Barrios
Gabriela Cecilia Barrios Professor in Education Science in National University of Salta. Institutional Analysis Specialist. Professor in charge of Social Pedagogy. She is directing practices and extension projects designed to develop social and educational intervention actions in vulnerable social contexts. She also participate in research labor, is member of CISEN. Also pursuing a Master of Education National University of Córdoba.
Marcela Alejandra Tejerina
Marcela Alejandra Tejerina Graduate in Science of Education for National University of Salta. Diploma in Pedagogies of differences. FLACSO – Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences. Researcher of CISEN. She participates in the Proyect: “Bilingual intercultural education and decolonial change”. His undergraduate thesis investigated on the subject: “Subjectivity and funds of knowledge teaching school in border communities”.
Sara Elizabeth Orellana
Sara Elizabeth Orellana Professor in Education Science. Institutional Analysis Specialist. I have a diploma in Curriculum. Currently, I am pursuing a Master degree in Educational research with a socio- anthropological orientation, at the National university of Córdoba. Professor at the National University of Salta, Faculty of Humanities, at the teacher training course of Educational Sciences. I am teaching Pedagogy and Didactics at this University, and I am also a member of the “permanent Assistance Program”, which provides academic orientation to first year students. Apart from that, I am an active member of the (CISEN) Socio- Educational Research Center of the North West.
Adriana Quiroga
Adriana Quiroga Professor and Bachelor of Education from National University of Tucumán. Specialist and Master in Teaching from the University of Buenos Aires. Regular Associate Professor in the race of Arts and Nursing, Universidad National de Salta, Tartagal Regional Headquarters. Research on issues related to intercultural education (CIUNSa). Part of Socio Research Center of Northern Argentina (CISEN).
Beatriz Bonillo
Beatriz Bonillo
Teresa Elizabeth Cueva Luna
Teresa Elizabeth Cueva Luna Teresa Elizabeth Cueva Luna is a researcher at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte since 1996 and currently member of Mexico´s National System of Researchers. Her research experience is on development studies and gender. She has got a scholarship from El Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia for a research on Pregnancy and HIV in the northern border cities (Reynosa and Matamoros Tamaulipas). Since 2011 she has been participating in a project on Women migrants in transit in Tamaulipas funded by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville, Spain).
Blanca Delia Vázquez Delgado
Blanca Delia Vázquez Delgado Researcher and teacher at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, attached to the office of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Currently working on her PhD thesis called “Integration of migrants in the labor market of Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila northern border.” She is member of a network on migration and human rights, funded by Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología.