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Social Sciences Applied to the Environment

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General Information

Masters Degree (Oficial Degree)
One academic year
60 ECTS credits
Face-to-face learning
Available places:
Field of knowledge:
Social and legal sciences
Centre offering the course:
Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Used Language(s):
Spanish / English


Are you concerned about environmental problems? Do you think it’s impossible to understand the environment without taking into account society, culture, economics and land organization? Would you like to train as a social science-focussed environmental researcher or professional?

Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville offers a Masters Degree in Social Sciences Applied to the Environment based on a multidisciplinary syllabus which includes aspects of anthropology, economics, geography, history, psychology and sociology. The course provides innovative epistemological, theoretical and methodological training to give students a comprehensive grasp of socio-environmental phenomena.

Taught by staff with extensive academic experience at both national and international level, this Masters Degree is mainly orientated towards research. Its content will help students acquire the skills they need to take part in research projects and undertake doctoral theses on socio-environmental subjects. However, the training provided is equally useful for those wishing to forge a professional career in national or international institutions engaged in socio-environmental development and for professionals seeking to update their skills or earn an academic qualification to do with the links that exist between environment and society.


Degree Designation: Masters Degree in Social Sciences Applied to the Environment
Centre responsible for the Degree: Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Centro de Estudios de Postgrado
Publication date in BOE [official state gazette]: 2017-10-24


Course for the Implementation of the Degree: 2017-18

The programme will continue every year on the basis that the minimum number of established enrolments can be filled.

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