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Call FET Proactive: Community building in Neuromorphic Computing Technologies This call aims to network and coordinate the efforts of the European academic and industrial research and innovation communities in neuromorphic computing (NMC) technologies. CSA Coordination and support action Budget: 0,5M€


Call FET Proactive: emerging paradigms and communities This call aims to explore and consolidate a new technological direction in order to put it firmly on the map as a viable paradigm for future technology. RIA Research and Innovation action Topics: • Artificial organs, tissues, cells and sub-cellular structures.(15 M€) • Time (13M€) • Living technologies (20M€) • Socially interactive technologies (15M€) • Disruptive micro-energy and storage technologies (15M€) • Topological..


CALL – WIDESPREAD. Activities under this section are expected to contribute to the realisation of the R&I potential in all parts of Europe by promoting the creation of Centres of Excellence, reinforcing urban transition towards sustainability  cross Europe, bringing high quality human resources to institutions to implement structural change and further promoting networking actions for sustained excellence.