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H2020 – Iniciativa de Medicamentos Innovadores – IMI2 – Call 19

Convocatoria con un único topic: Restricted Call to maximise impact of IMI2 JU objectives and scientific priorities Texto de la convocatoria

H2020 – Iniciativa de Medicamentos Innovadores – IMI2 – Call 18

Los topics de la convocatoria: Central repository of digital pathology slides to support the development of artificial intelligence tools Health Outcomes Observatories – empower patients with tools to measure their outcomes in a standardised manner creating transparency of health outcomes Improving patient access, understanding and adherence to healthcare information: an integrated digital health information project Establishing international standards in the analysis of patient reported outcomes and health-related quality of life data..

Convocatoria 17 – Iniciativa de Medicamentos Innovadores (IMI)

Los topics de la convocatoria son los siguientes: iPiE25 – Intelligent prediction and identification of environmental risks posed by human medicinal products Optimising future obesity treatment Open access chemogenomics library and chemical probes for the druggable genome