The European Projects Office (OPE)

About us 

The European Projects Office (OPE), which is part of the Office for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRI), is the office in charge of supporting participation by researchers of the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) in R&D and innovation initiatives at European and international level, with special emphasis on the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union, Horizon 2020 (2014-2020).

The OPE also acts as liaison between regional and national relevant agents with the objective of increasing the participation rates on the different international R&D funding programmes.

To this end specific objectives have been set:

  • Increase the leadership in proposals and the coordination of tasks by UPO researchers.

  • Improve the success rate of applications submitted.

  • Encourage the participation of researchers as expert evaluators of European R&D and innovation programmes.

  • Encourage the joint participation between research groups and companies (academia & industry).

  • Encourage the participation of spin-offs of the University in European R&D and innovation programmes.

The OPE supports researchers in the whole life-cycle of projects: from the dissemination of opportunities to the management and monitoring of projects. For that purpose, the office provides the following services:

Information and support services:

  • Information and guidance on opportunities of financing international R&D and innovation projects (calls, grants, events, etc.)

  • Training (teaching, organization of seminars, workshops and/or conferences).

  • Technical advice and support for the preparation of proposals (drafting, budget preparation, consortium agreements reviewing, proposals submission, contact with representatives, etc.)

  • Partner search assistance. Support for researchers on partner search requests and offers for the formation of consortia, as well as dissemination of the UPO researchers' profile.

  • Dissemination of funding opportunities to UPO researchers.

Management and monitoring services:

  • Monitoring of the project evaluation (contact with representatives).

  • Negotiation of grant agreements with the EC.

  • Administrative-financial mediation with the EC and/or with the partners.

  • Support in the projects coordination.

  • Support in the preparation of intermediate and final reports.

  • Coordination of management and economic monitoring of projects.

  • Support for project audits.

The OPE is also the Local Contact Point of EURAXESS, the European network for the mobility of researchers, which aims to provide information and support to researchers (without distinction of nationality), and their families, in matters relating to administrative procedures, financing possibilities, job offers and other important issues when moving from one country to another.

Through the OPE, we offer personalized advice to researchers who are going to travel outside our country to develop a scientific professional experience, to foreign researchers who come to this University, as well as to those who return to it after a period of research abroad.


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10:00 am Digital Conference on Industrial...
Digital Conference on Industrial...
Oct 27 a las 10:00 am – Oct 28 a las 5:00 pm
Las tecnologías industriales desempeñan un papel fundamental en la industria europea. Proporcionan los cimientos esenciales para la competitividad de la Unión Europea, configuran todos los sectores de la economía y contribuyen a la solución de los problemas de la sociedad y a un futuro sostenible. La conferencia digital «Tecnologías industriales 2020 – Transición a la prosperidad sostenible» se celebrará bajo los auspicios de la Presidencia alemana del Consejo de la Unión Europea. IndTech2020 ofrece una plataforma a los interesados de las organizaciones de investigación, la industria y la formulación de políticas para debatir las tendencias futuras, los desafíos tecnológicos y las nuevas medidas necesarias para configurar y fortalecer la futura […]