GSlab The Gómez-Skarmeta Laboratory research group aims to unravel the contribution of the cis-regulatory information to development, evolution and human diseases.

AVP The Aquatic Vertebrate Platform aims to facilitate investigation in aquatic vertebrate models to both national and international researchers and companies. Collaborations and advice are offered on the following techniques: general transgenesis, embryology and imaging, and genomics.

EDscreen The Expression Disruption Screen, developed at José Luis Gómez-Skarmeta laboratory (GSlab), aims to detect and interfere with non coding cis-regulatory elements within the zebrafish genome. This is achieved by generating stable transgenic lines using a novel tool, the Expression Disruption (ED) vector.

Escreen The Enhancer Screen was designed, at José Luis Gómez-Skarmeta laboratory (GSlab), to evaluate the enhancer activity of a large number of non-coding regions from zebrafish, xenopus and human genomes.