Vision & Mission



The project’s overall target is to gain recognition as an international reference in the generation, dissemination and transference of innovation and knowledge in the fields of environment, biodiversity and global change related subjects, and to promote a new model of sustainable economy.


  • To promote the implementation of joint and coordinated actions by all coalition members for the generation of productive synergies for all involved and for society in general.
  • To provide the best training and professional qualifications, offering high employability value for alumni, and to promote the development of entrepreneurial, innovative and creative professionals capable of competing in a globalised job market.
  • To promote first-rate research and innovation practices, along with strategies for the valorisation of results towards efficient transference into the productive sector, encouraging cooperation between researchers and the private sector.
  • To promote academic and scientific cooperation with the only two Spanish-led e-infrastructures, LifeWatch and EU-SOLARIS, hosted by CEI CamBio members.
  • To promote full internationalisation, with the aim of attracting, concentrating and retaining talent.
  • To promote an integrating science, capable of unifying different branches of knowledge from a synthetic approach to environmental concerns in order to respond to the challenges posed by global change, generating new and socially profitable knowledge and making such knowledge the recognizable trademark of CEI CamBio.
  • To promote a management model committed to the environment and society, contributing to economic and social development, territorial cohesion and the capture of external funds.