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María Jose del Pino

Universidad Pablo Olavide de Sevilla

María J. del Pino     María José del Pino Espejo, PhD in Sociology (Universidad de Córdoba) and MA in European Social Policy Analysis (University of Bath). She is associated professor at Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville and she has taught specialized courses in several universities (San Pablo-CEU, Córdoba, INSA-ETEA). She has received international grants and has been Visiting Fellow at the Universities of Tilburg (Holland), Maynooth (Ireland) and Mannheim. She has been a researcher at the Institute of Advanced Social Studies IESA-CSIC and at the Social Studies Centre Foundation Centra. Her lines of research are focused on industrial sociology, gender, and human development. She is involved in several I+D projects  involving companies and University. She can be contacted at mjpinesp@upo.es

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