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1996 .- Degree on Physics, Universidad de Sevilla

2004 .- Doctorate (cum Lauden and Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado). Universidad Pablo Olavide, Sevilla
Thesis: Caracterización de las propiedades termodinámicas y estructurales de fases de cristales líquidos mediante modelos moleculares rígidos (in spanish)

2005-2008 .- Postdoctoral researcher in Soft Condensed Matter Group (University of Utrecht), working with Marjolein Dijkstra

2008-2009 .- Juan de la Cierva Fellow in Complex Fluids Physic group, Universidad de Almería.

From 2009.- Permanent staff in Chemical Physics area of Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain
From 2011.- Profesor Titular (Senior Lecturer (?)) in Chemical Physics area of Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain

From 2015.- Head of Department (Dpto. Sistemas Físicos, Químicos y Naturales), Universidad Pablo Olavide, Sevilla, Spain

Publication list

* Neftalí Morillo, Alessandro Patti, and Alejandro Cuetos
Brownian dynamics simulations of oblate and prolate colloidal particles in nematic liquid crystals
J. Chem. Phys. 150, 204905 (2019) 

* Alejandro Cuetos, Effran Mirzad Rafael, Daniel Corbett, and Alessandro Patti
Biaxial nematics of hard cuboids in an external field.
Soft Matter, 15, 1922-1926 (2019)

* Alejandro Cuetos, Neftalí Morillo, and Alessandro Patti
Fickian yet non-Gaussian diffusion is not ubiquitous in soft matter
Phys. Rev. E 98, 042129 (2018)

* Daniel Corbett, Alejandro Cuetos, Matthew Dennison, Alessandro Patti
Dynamic Monte Carlo algorithm for out-of-equilibrium processes in colloidal dispersions
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20, 15118-15127 (2018)

* Rafael D. Acemel, Fernando Govantes and Alejandro Cuetos
Computer simulation study of early bacterial biofilm development
ScIentific Reports 8, 5340 (2018)

* Alessandro Patti and Alejandro Cuetos
Monte Carlo simulation of binary mixtures of hard colloidal cuboids
Mol. Sim. 44:6, 516-522 (2018)

* Alejandro Cuetos,  Matthew Dennison,  Andrew Masters  and  Alessandro Patti
Phase behaviour of hard board-like particles
Soft Matter 13, 4720-4732 (2017)

* Alessandro Patti; Alejandro Cuetos Menéndez.
Equivalence of Brownian dynamics and dynamic Monte Carlo simulations in multicomponent colloidal suspensions.
Physical Review E. 92 (2015).

* Antonio M. Puertas; F. Javier de las Nieves; Alejandro Cuetos.
Computer simulations of charged colloids in confinement.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 440, pp. 292 – 298 (2015).

* Alejandro Cuetos; Bruno Martinez-Haya.
Liquid crystal phase diagram of soft repulsive rods and its mapping on the hard repulsive reference fluid.
Molecular Physics. 113 - 9-10, pp. 1137 – 1144. (2015)

* Mauricio Piedrahita; Alejandro Cuetos; Bruno Martinez-Haya.
Transport of spherical colloids in layered phases of binary mixtures with rod-like particles.
Soft Matter. 11 - 17, pp. 3432 – 3440 (2015)

* Francisco Gamez; Rafael D. Acemel; Alejandro Cuetos.
Demixing and nematic behaviour of oblate hard spherocylinders and hard spheres mixtures: Monte Carlo simulation and Parsons-Lee theory.
Molecular Physics. 111 - 20, pp. 3136 - 3146. (2013)

* Gonzalo Angulo; Alejandro Cuetos; Arnulf Rosspeintner; Eric Vauthey.
Experimental Evidence of the Relevance of Orientational Correlations in Photoinduced Bimolecular Reactions in Solution.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 117- 36, pp. 8814 - 8825. (2013)

* A. Patti; A. Cuetos.
Brownian dynamics and dynamic Monte Carlo simulations of isotropic and liquid crystal phases of anisotropic colloidal particles: A comparative study.
Physical Review E. 86, pp. 011403. (2012).

* Matthieu Marechal; Alejandro Cuetos; Bruno Martinez-Haya; Marjolein Dijkstra.
Phase behavior of hard colloidal platelets using free energy calculations.
Journal of Chemical Physics. 134, pp. 094501. (2011)

* Alejandro Cuetos; Eduardo Sanz; Marjolein Dijkstra.
Can the isotropic-smectic transition of colloidal hard rods occur via nucleation and growth?.
Faraday Discussions. 144, pp. 253 - 269.

* Alejandro Cuetos; Juan A. Anta; Antonio M. Puertas.
Internal and free energy in a pair of like-charged colloids: Monte Carlo simulations.
Journal of Chemical Physics. 133, pp. 154906. (2010)

* Bruno Martinez-Haya; Alejandro Cuetos.
Nematic stability of discotic liquid crystals with orientation-dependent interactions.
Physical Review E. 81, pp. 020701. (2010)

* Bruno Martinez-Haya; Alejandro Cuetos.
Columnar phases of discotics with orientation-dependent interactions.
Journal of Chemical Physics. 131, pp. 074901. (2009)

* Alejandro Cuetos; Bruno Martinez-Haya
Liquid crystal phase behavior of hard oblate spherocylinders.
Modeling and Simulation of New Materials. 1091, pp. 234 - 236. (2009)

* B. Martinez-Haya; A. Cuetos.
Simulation study of discotic molecules in the vicinity of the isotropic-liquid crystal transition.
Molecular Simulation. 35 - 12-13, pp. 1077 - 1083. (2009)

* A. Torres; A. Cuetos; M. Dijkstra; R. van Roij.
Breakdown of the Yukawa model in de-ionized colloidal suspensions.
Physical Review E. 77, pp. 031402. (2008)

* A. Cuetos; B. Martinez-Haya.
Columnar phases of discotic spherocylinders.
Journal of Chemical Physics. 129, pp. 214706. (2008).

* A. Cuetos; R. van Roij; M. Dijkstra.
Isotropic-to-nematic nucleation in suspensions of colloidal rods.
Soft Matter. 4 , pp. 757 - 767. (2008)

* A. Cuetos; A. Galindo; G. Jackson.
Thermotropic Biaxial Liquid Crystalline Phases in a Mixture of Attractive Uniaxial Rod and Disk Particles.
Physical Review Letters. 101, pp. 237802. (2008)

* Alejandro Cuetos; Marjolein Dijkstra.
Kinetic pathways for the isotropic-nematic phase transition in a system of colloidal hard rods: A simulation study.
Physical Review Letters. 98, pp. 095701. (2007)

* Arnulf Rosspeintner; Daniel R. Kattnig; Gonzalo Angulo; Stephan Landgraf; Guenter Grampp; Alejandro Cuetos.
On the coherent description of diffusion-influenced fluorescence quenching experiments.
A European Journal. 13 - 22, pp. 6474 - 6483. (2007)

* Aldemar Torres; Alejandro Cuetos; Marjolein Dijkstra; Rene van Roij.
Sedimentation of charged colloids: The primitive model and the effective one-component approach.
Physical Review E. 75, pp. 041405. (2007)

* B. Martinez-Haya; A. Cuetos.
Stability of nematic and smectic phases in rod-like mesogens with orientation-dependent attractive interactions.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 111 - 28, pp. 8150 - 8157. (2007)

* Alejandro Cuetos; Bruno Martinez-Haya; Santiago Lago; Luis F. Rull.
Use of Parsons-Lee and Onsager theories to predict nematic and demixing behavior in binary mixtures of hard rods and hard spheres.
Physical Review E. 75, pp. 061701. (2007)

* A Cuetos; A-P Hynninen; J Zwanikken; R van Roij; M Dijkstra.
Layering in sedimentation of suspensions of charged colloids: simulation and theory.
Physical review. E, 73 pp. 061402 - 061402. (2006)

* B Martinez-Haya; A Cuetos; S Lago; LF Rull.
A novel orientation-dependent potential model for prolate mesogens.
Journal of Chemical Physics. 122, pp. 024908. (2005)

* A
. Cuetos; B. Martinez-Haya; S. Lago; L. F. Rull.
Parsons-Lee and Monte Carlo study of soft repulsive nematogens.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 109 - 28, pp. 13729 - 13736. (2005.)

* S Lago; A Cuetos; B Martinez-Haya; LF Rull.
Crowding effects in binary mixtures of rod-like and spherical particles.
Journal of Molecular Recognition. 17 - 5, pp. 417 - 425. (2004)

* A Cuetos; B Martinez-Haya; S Lago; LF Rull.
Liquid crystal behavior of the Kihara fluid.
Physical Review E. 68, pp. 011704. (2003)

* B Martinez-Haya; A Cuetos; S Lago.
Solution of the Percus-Yevick equation for square well spherocylinders.
Physical review. E, 67 , pp. 051201 - 051201. (2003)

* A Cuetos; B Martinez-Haya; LF Rull; S Lago.
Monte Carlo study of liquid crystal phases of hard and soft spherocylinders.
Journal of Chemical Physics. 117 - 6, pp. 2934 - 2946. (2002). Erratum in Journal of Chemical Physics. 117 - 24, pp. 11405 - 11405. 2002.

* A Cuetos; JM Ilnytskyi; MR Wilson.
Rotational viscosities of Gay-Berne mesogens.
Molecular Physics. 100 – 24, pp. 3839 - 3845. (2002)

* B Martinez-Haya; LF Rull; A Cuetos; S Lago.
Gibbs ensemble simulation of the vapour-liquid equilibrium of square well spherocylinders.
Molecular Physics. 99 - 6, pp. 509 - 516.

* M.Gómez; A. Cuetos.
Estudio de la dinámica de paso de contaminación superficial a atmósfera en radio iodos de uso hospitalario.
Radioprotección. VII - 21, pp. 23 - 30. (1999)

* M. Gómez; A. Cuetos; J. González.
Contenidos en 99mTc, 125I y 131I en efluentes líquidos hospitalarios.
Radioprotección. Mayo 1998, pp. 309 - 311. (1998)

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