Alejandro Cuetos MenÚndez


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Dr. Alejandro Cuetos MenÚndez
Ayudante Doctor
Physical Chemistry  Area
Department  of Physical,
Chemical and Natural Systems
Universidad Pablo Olavide, 41013 Sevilla, Spain
tel. +34 954977562, fax: +34954349814
email: acuemen (at)

22-10-2009. Publication in Faraday Disscusions

Can the isotropic-smectic transition of colloidal hard rods occur via nucleation and growth?

Alejandro Cuetos, Eduardo Sanz and Marjolein Dijkstra
Faraday Discussions, 2010, Volume 144, Issue 1

01-10-2009. I have started my work in Universidad Pablo Olavide, in Sevilla, Spain. My position here is as Ayudante Doctor (no idea about what is the English translation). If you want more information about the University, the Department or the Area, follow the links.