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Perfil Investigador

My fundamental research connects and combines the areas of entrepreneurship and strategy. It examines one of the central questions in these two areas: the heterogeneity between companies in their early stages of development. Specifically, I explore how new ventures differ in the way they absorb internal and external knowledge to the organization to build competitive capabilities and develop their strategies. I do so considering that the founding teams and the boards of these new ventures are fundamental elements when explaining this heterogeneity and the implications for their performance, growth and survival.

My current projects are focused on the study of ambitious new ventures dealing with issues related to the impact of the founders’ emotions associated with their strategic vision at founding, and the different evolutionary trajectories in the composition of these teams and their strategic repertoires in the early stages of the venture development.

Among my main research achievements are being the author of several articles published in international impact journals, as well as book chapters of prestigious international publishers. Notably, I have published in the two main journals of my areas of research: Strategic Management Journal, and Journal of Business Venturing. I have participated in numerous conferences of national and international prestige, in some of which I have received research awards: Stevens Institute of Technology Wesley J. Howard for Excellence in Research on the topic of Corporate Entrepreneurship (Babson Entrepreneurship Conference, June 2007), best paper at the Iberoamerican Academy Conference (December 2007), best paper of the business creation section of the National Congress of ACEDE twice (2009 and 2017).

I am part of a network of international researchers from various universities (Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Jönkoping University, and University of Minnesota among others) as a result of my numerous research visits to foreign research centers. I have been invited to teach several research seminars at prestigious universities, such as Bocconi University (Italy), participate in several national doctoral thesis tribunals, and postgraduate teaching at other Spanish universities.


Perfil Docente

The philosophy that I try to bring to the classroom is that of a learning centered teaching. I employ methods where students actively participate in close collaboration with the teacher involving practical situations. In general, I try to introduce and work with different theories and conceptual frameworks to show the complexity of reality.

I teach classes in both Spanish and English in various undergraduate and graduate degrees, in subjects mainly related to business management processes, entrepreneurial initiatives and research design.

Perfil Profesional y Transferencia

My professional experience prior to the academic career has also been linked to research; notable is my experience at The World Bank, Washington DC in the Private Sector Development division in the Caribbean and Latin America region.

I participate actively in academic management and service. I am currently Academic Director of the Degree in Business Administration and Management. Also, I am in charge of the series of internal research seminars of the Department of Business Organization and Marketing, as well as its representative in the Research Commission of Pablo de Olavide University. Previously, I was a member of the academic committee of the Master in Research in Management, being responsible for quality as well as coordinator. I was also a member of the Bancaja Chair of Young Entrepreneurs (2007-2012), the first activity linked to the promotion of entrepreneurial initiative within Pablo de Olavide University.

Currently I am a principal researcher in a research group that has received funding for competitive research projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation in three consecutive calls (2012-2014, 2015-2018 y 2019-2021). I also collaborate in other national and international competitive research projects.

I actively serve the academic community being a member of the main associations in management: ACEDE, AoM and SMS, for which I have participated in conference organizing committees, special forums, periodic review of articles for conferences and their main journals. Since 2017 I am a member of the editorial board of the leading Spanish journal in the area of management: Business Research Quarterly.