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Sobre mí (about me)

52889_1681926765592_4036656_oDegree in Economics and Business (1991-1996), Master of Economics in the Graduate Program of Economics at the University Pomepu Fabra in Barcelona (2004) and PhD. in Economics from the University Pompeu Fabra (2008). After passing through several government agencies, especially the Institute of Statistics of Andalusia (1997-1999), is an associate professor type III (LRU), University Pablo de Olavide of Seville since 1998 and Profesor Contratado Doctor (Contracted Lecturer, holder of a PhD) since 2011. Professor in subjects as diverse as Spanish Economy, Business Cycles and Predictions and Applied Economics, currently teaches in both the undergraduate Economic Analysys Grade, Finance Grade and some Master in Statistics and Economics. With publications in various journals and several contributions as book chapters and / or monographs, currently develops its research in areas related to technological change, labor market and economic growth. Also spent part of his research to some regional issues. To end has been an advisor to the Regional Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Institute of Statistics of Andalusia and various agencies.

Research interests:
* Labor Economics: income inequality, skills
* Macroeconomics: business cycles, economic growth

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Professor of Economics at University Pablo de Olavide
Phd in Economics at University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)