Test de Nivel - Inglés

Test de nivel - Inglés


1 Mary is asleep. ___________________ make any noise!

a) Do    b) Don’t    c) Not    d) No


2 Listen! The teacher _________________ to you.


3 What is that? Oh! It’s _______________ dog.

a) ours    b) of us    c) our    d) us


4 That is _____________________ sister.

a) Alice    b) of Alice    c) the Alice’s    d) Alice’s


5 How do the children normally go to school? ________________

a) by foot    b) walking    c) in car    d) by car

6 Please send the fax to ___________________ .

a) them    b) their    c) they    d) theirs

7 ___________________ do you go to the gym? Four days a week.

a) What frequency    b) How often    c) How long    d) What time

8 __________________ is this? It’s not mine.

a) Of who    b) Who    c) Who’s    d) Whose

9 Michael ____________________ home at 5 o’clock every day.

a) gone    b) go    c) goes    d) going

10 Do the soldiers work at the weekend? No, ______________________ .

a) they do    b) they don’t work    c) they don’t    d) they not work


11 Paul __________________ start his new job on Tuesday.

a) ´s going    b) going    c) going to    d) ´s going to


12 Do you live in Paris? Yes, _____________________ .

a) I do    b) I live    c) I do live    d) I am


13 What ______________ do after his military service?

a) is Ron going    b) ‘s Ron going to    c) Ron is going    d) Ron is going to


14 The blue dress costs €64 and the red one costs €84. The red dress is _______________ the blue one.

a) ‘nt as expensive as    b) cheaper than    c) more expensive that    d) n’t as cheap as

15 My brother Peter plays tennis ____________ my brother Sam.

a) best than    b) more well than    c) better that    d) better than

16 The exam ____________ at the correct time.

a) don’t started    b) didn’t start    c) didn’t started    d) doesn’t started

17 The child _____________ to the party alone last Saturday.

a) gone    b) goes    c) did go    d) went

18 A: It’s very cold in here.
B: Don’t worry, I ______________ the heating

a) ‘ll turn    b) ‘m going to turn on    c) turn on    d) ‘ll turn on

19 _______________ call a doctor for you?

a) Won’t I    b) Would I    c) Am I going    d) Shall I

20 When the exam results come out, who _____________ with?

a) are going to celebrate    b) you celebrate
c) you will celebrate    d) will you celebrate

21 The soldiers ________________ stay in the barracks last weekend.

a) didn’t have to    b) didn’t need    c) must    d) had

22 Must the soldiers get up at 6 o’clock on Sundays? No, they _______________ .

a) don’t    b) needn’t    c) mustn’t    d) can’t

23 My little brother will be five when he __________________ to France.

a) will go    b) go    c) goes    d) ´s going to

24 The twins __________________ swim when they were three years old.

a) could    b) can    c) knew    d) could to

25 The company has worked with us __________________ a long time.

a) since    b) for    c) during    d) while

26 We __________________ buy alcohol since we were 16 years old.

a) been able to    b) ´ve been able    c) ´ve could    d) ´ve been able to

27 ___________________________ America?

a) Have you ever been in    b) Has you ever been in
c) Have you ever been to    d) Have you ever been

28 I ______________________ the picture when Roger called.

a) was looking at    b) were looking at    c) was looking    d) was seeing

29 Most people think that __________________ is an interesting hobby.

a) travelling    b) to travel    c) the travel    d) to travelling

30 Those are the people __________________ we sent the letters to.

a) whom    b) which    c) who    d) whose

31 Those are the men _____________________ wives are in prison.

a) whose    b) of whose    c) who    d) of who

32 The boy’s mother told him ___________________ the disco.

a) not to go to    b) to not go to    c) not going to    d) not to going

33 “What can I do for you?”
The shop assistant asked the man what _______________________.

a) can he do for him    b) he can do for him
c) could he do for him    d) he could do for him

34 The man wanted to know if the client objected to __________________.

a) his opening the window    b) he opening the window
c) him to open the window    d) his to open the window

35 Mary normally has her hair _______________ at the hairdresser’s in town.

a) done    b) did    c) to do    d) doing

36 Before arriving at the flat, Mike and Paula ________________ had supper.

a) didn’t    b) did    c) had    d) have

37 Before you got the job in that company ___________________ anywhere else?

a) did you work    b) had you work
c) has you worked    d) had you worked

38 _____________________ you pay the bank now, they won’t give you another loan.

a) If    b) Unless    c) If not    d) If don’t

39 The doctor said that his patient _________________ have an operation on his foot.

a) ought to    b) ought    c) should to    d) had better to

40 The employees __________________ sign their names in the book before leaving.

a) supposed to    b) should to    c) are supposed to    d) are supposed

41 The building ____________________ finished by next April.

a) should been    b) ought be    c) should to be    d) should be


42 The car _______________ in the explosion.

a) was destroy    b) was destroyed    c) were destroyed    d) destroyed

43 A new government _______________ next month.

a) ´s formed    b) ´s going to be formed
c) will formed    d) going to form

44 The criminal ________________ to prison for life.

a) has sent    b) has sending    c) has been send    d) has been sent

45 If I __________________ a bad timetable, I won’t work.

a) ´m given    b) ´m giving    c) ´ll be given    d) ´ll be giving

46 Tom would travel more if he _____________________ a car.

a) own    b) would own    c) had owned    d) owned

47 The accident wouldn’t have happened if the driver ___________ more careful.

a) would have been    b) would be    c) had been    d) wouldn’t have been

48 When we were children we ___________________ to the beach every summer.

a) used go    b) used to go    c) was used to go    d) was used go

49 When I’m not feeling well, I ___________________ in bed.

a) usually stay    b) use to stay    c) used to stay    d) normally to stay

50 Monica _______________ because her car keys aren’t here.

a) must already left    b) must have already left
c) can’t left    d) must to have left


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