VIT (Visualization for Transparency foundation)

Karma Peiró

Co-founder/ CEO at ViT Foundation.

She is a journalist and data activist, specialized in information technologies.

She has worked at La Vanguardia, TV3, and Catalunya Ràdio. She was executive editor of NacióDigital — the leading digital news outlet in Catalan.

Her latest interests are AI, algorithmic transparency, and the use of open data for government accountability.

Xaquín Veira

Co-founder/ President at ViT Foundation.

He is a visual journalist and data visualization expert. He has worked at El Mundo, The New York Times, National Geographic, and The Guardian — where he led the award-winning Visuals team. His latest interests are graphicacy, data visualization for change, and the automation of narrative visualizations.

Anton Bardera

Tech consultant/Board member at ViT Foundation

He is an Associate Professor in the department of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics at the University of Girona, and member of the Graphics and Imaging Laboratory (GILab). His research interests are medical imaging, image processing, visualization and information theory

Matt Osborn

Technical lead at ViT Foundation

He is a software engineer with a background in a range of disciplines, including extensive experience in data processing & analysis, data visualization, and interactive web design. He has worked on various web-based dataviz projects and spent some time at The Guardian where he worked on two UK general election live result trackers