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Oral presentation
Conference: European Materials Research Society
Authors: Rocío Ortiz, Juan Manuel Macías, Pilar Ortiz
- See more at: materials-research-society#sthash.mxDRIwQT.dpuf

  • Vulnerability, digital image analysis and 3D-documentation applied to the study of building diagnosis

Oral presentation
Conference: European Materials Research Society
Authors: R. Ortiz, P. Ortiz, M.A. Vázquez, J. M. Martín, A. Tirado
- See more at: materials-research-society#sthash.mxDRIwQT.dpuf

  • Vulnerability Assessment Tools: forecasting and artificial intelligence

Oral presentation
Conference: 41st IAHS World Congress. Urban Risk Reduction and Resilience
Authors: Rocío Ortiz, Juan Manuel Macías, Pilar Ortiz