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MPs social profile

This project tries to discover the social profile of the 4354 politicians who have occupied a seat in any of the 17 autonomous parliaments between 1980 and 2005. Attention is paid to aspects such as gender, place of birth, age, education, occupation and circulation. The evolution of social profiles is also studied, taking into account the differences regarding parties and territories.

The general conclusion for the period is that the regional elite consists mainly of young (average of 43.3 years of age at the moment of entry in parliament) males (79%) born in the region where they get the seat (84%), highly educated (85% have a university degree) and mainly educators (21%) or law professionals (19%). There are important variations according to parties, territory and legislature which can be observed in some of the publicationswhich this study has originated.

The study of the social profile of the members of parliament suggests that there is a certain social bias which evolves over time. On the one hand, certain homogeneity of the political elite becomes consolidated. On the other hand, the social bias increases in some categories. The  study of the social disproportion index (IDS) built for the occasion allows advancing these conclusions.