Laura Borragán Fernández

She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History by the Universidad de Oviedo, where she deffended the dissertation «El Catastro de Ensenada en el Principado De Asturias: Estado de la cuestión y microhistoria de su elaboración”. She continued her university education stuyding the Máster Oficial Universitario Historia de Europa, el Mundo Mediterráneo y su Difusión Atlántica: Métodos, Teorías y Nuevas Líneas de Investigación (1492-2000) at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville), when she had the opportunity to attend the second year of the master’s program at the École Pratique des Hautes Études of Paris. She completed this master’s with a final dissertation entitled “Conflictos y resistencias ante el Catastro de Ensenada: el caso del Principado De Asturias”. She obtained the FPU grant to prepare her Ph.D. “La Única Contribución y la máquina catastral: mecanismos, redes y conflictos”, a research project focused on the gestation and preparation of the Castastro de Ensenada, as well as its international projection and the analysis of the leading social stakeholders of this attempt of tax reform. She has published some results of this research in different forums and has combined her research activity with active participation in the activities carried out by the Area of Early Modern History of the Universidad Pablo de Olavide. She has conducted research stays both in France and in the USA. She has developed her teaching work both within the framework of the FPU scholarship as well as Profesor Sustituto Interino (Temporary Substitute Teacher) and at the Aula Abierta de Mayores program of the Universidad Pablo de Olavide. In addition to this, she has complemented her training with training courses and languages.

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