Biotechnology means the modification and application of living organisms, biological processes or systems, in industrial processes aimed either at improving production or offering better services. I.e., using living beings or products obtained from them for human profit.

Programme description
Our Plan of Studies is designed in a certain way that students will get to know the process that a scientific discovery undergoes until it becomes a biotechnological application at industry level. The first part has a general character. Students will learn in depth about the characteristics of biological systems in order to know what their potential applications are. They will as well learn how to modify and enhance such systems in a laboratory. During this part, students will get to know the exploitation processes of these organisms at industry level, the relevant technology for this purpose and the fundamentals of computer science necessaries to carry out modern research and development. The second part is more specific. It consists of a range of elective subjects that allows students to shape their CV's in order to suit fields like Agri-food Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology and Biomedical Biotechnology.

The Plan of Studies is complemented with the analysis of economic aspects (creation of biotechnology business) and legal aspects (emphasizing the obtaining and exploitation of patents), for both fields play an important role on exploiting these resources. The Campus is equipped with suitable technologies for practice and theory teaching, which allows students to carry out high-level research on Biotechnology.
The new programme on Biotechnology will qualify students to establish biotechnological applications in the systems of goods and services production. In order to obtain this general competence, students will acquire knowledge about scientific basic concepts and molecular mechanisms of the living beings; they will learn the use of Biotechnology tools, the processes of biotechnological production in detail as well as the social and economic implications of Biotechnology.

Career opportunities:
The educational and competence objectives on our Plan of Studies are designed so that graduate students will be capable of carrying out their professional activity in a responsible and efficient way in the following fields:

  • Research, development and innovation on biological processes that can be exploited in scientific fields such as Microbiology, Genetics, Bioremediation, Molecular Diagnostics, Immunology, Pests Control, Plant and Animal Production, and Protein Engineering. And also in fields like engineering aimed at optimizing the exploitation processes of biological resources at industry level.
  • Exploitation of biological resources in diagnosis centres and companies in the agri food, environmental, biomedical and pharmaceutical sector, as well as in the chemical industry for the production of biological products, such as enzymes and antibodies, and other organic compounds.
  • Business activity. Students will acquire the skills to explore and develop their own business plans in relation with the aforementioned fields.


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Curriculum: Biotechnology