AIMS. The objective of the Bachelor's degree in Sociology is helping students to acquire the theoretical and methodological conceptual basics necessary for the scientific knowledge and for contributing to the social well-being

Given that the labour market is changing day after day, students are taught in a very general way, so the knowledge they acquire is flexible enough to fit in the new needs of the market. After completing the degree, graduate students will:

  • Be familiar with the main theories of human society and its social dynamics, according to the main sociological schools.
  • Be able to analyze the current societies' evolution, change and transformations, applying interdisciplinary knowledge.
  • Know how social organizations work and are structured, and who and what are the main social actors.
  • Be capable of developing the necessary skills to apply these concepts and this knowledge in his career.
  • Acquire the technical skills to design and execute social research projects.

Career Opportunities: 
In Spain, Sociology graduates have a high rate of labour market integration: over 81% of the graduates have a paid work, plus nearly 7% of them working in the "Third Sector".

Graduate students will be prepared to carry out their activity in the following fields: social intervention, applied social research, education, public policies and labour organization.

There is a wide range of career opportunities, promising sources of employment and high employability for Sociology graduates. Sociologists are highly demanded inside Andalusia territory itself, especially in public administrations (Junta de Andalucía) and other political entities (political parties, associations, etc.). Not to mention the great number of companies devoted to elaborating market studies, public opinion studies, marketing, advertising, etc.

Type: Social and Legal Sciences


Faculty:Social Sciences

Curriculum: Faculty of Social Sciences