Humanities & Translation and Interpreting

The double degree on Humanities & Translation and Interpreting is aimed at offering a solid humanistic education and, at the same time, training students on mastering foreign languages, translation and interpreting techniques and the use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), which are essential for society and for current culture management.

The double degree has been designed from an overall perspective: students will learn the keys of human sciences (Linguistics, History, Geography, Arts, Literature and Philosophy) in order to globally understand the current world and to critic and/or practically take part in our society. Besides, students will master at least two foreign languages (English, French, German, Italian or Arabic).

In addition to the knowledge acquired, students will be taught transversal methods and techniques to ensure their integration in the labour market: techniques for translation, interpreting, documentation and terminology; the use of ICTs related to the cultural and environmental management, and the use of translation software.
Students will be divided in small groups, which is a way of teaching on which the teaching staff of the Faculty of Humanities has being working on ever since 2003 and it is completely integrated in the European Higher Education Area. Beyond this, it will be essential for the students' training to take advantage of the internship and the wide range of university exchange programmes with Spanish or foreign universities.

Career Opportunities.  After completing the Humanities & Translation and Interpreting Bachelor's degree, graduate students will be prepared to carry out the following professional activities:

  • Cultural Management, Interpreting and Heritage Dissemination
  • High School Teacher (Secondary Education and Bachillerato)
  • Teaching at bilingual centres
  • Languages teaching
  • Translation
  • Liaison Interpreting
  • International Cooperation
  • International Relations: multilingual mediation
  • Text proofreading
  • Documentation, Archival Science and Biblioteconomy
  • Archaeology
  • Spanish Sign Language Interpreting
  • Geography and studies of territory
  • A wide range of postgraduate studies

Type: Arts and Humanities


Curriculum: Faculty of Humanities