Student Council - CEUPO

The Student Council in the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (CEUPO) is the students’ most important representative body . It coordinates and channels the representation of students. It is an independent body which focuses exclusively upon the defence of UPO students’ rights and interests.

The Student Council is made up of representatives from each course, student representatives in each Department and students representatives in Senate.

CEUPO is made up of both collegiate bodies and single-person bodies.
Collegiate Bodies:

  • Plenary
  • Council Coordinator
  • Centres’ Representatives
  • Commissions

Single-person Bodies:

  • General Student Representative
  • Council Secretary

Manuel Rodríguez Morillo is the current General Student Representative in the UPO.

Contact CEUPO:

  • • Web:
  • • E-mail:
  • • Dial 2486 on any telephone located in Campus