Overlapping Community Detection on a Graph of Chemicals, Diseases and Genes for Drug Repositioning and Adverse Reactions Prediction

  • María Elena García-Ochagavía Universidad de La Habana
  • Yudivián Almeida-Cruz Universidad de La Habana
  • Suilán Estévez-Velarde Universidad de La Habana
  • Aimée Alonso-Reina Universidad de La Habana
  • María Elena Ochagavía-Roque Centro de Ingeniería Genética y Biotecnología


Developing a drug from scratch is a very long and expensive process that has a small probability of success. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies are devoting their efforts to find drugs that could be repositioned. When using a drug to treat a disease is necessary to consider what adverse reactions it may cause, this is why the prediction of adverse reactions is highly related to drug repositioning. We propose the detection of overlapping communities over a biological network of chemicals, diseases and genes in order to find drug-disease pairs that could be used as basis for later drug repositioning and adverse reactions prediction analysis. Of the evaluated overlapping community detection algorithms, OSLOM got the best results, producing 724 communities from which was possible to extract 215944 drug-disease pairs not present in the analyzed graph. We illustrate the usefulness of this set through examples of associations between pairs found in the scientific literature.


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