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Ángel Perni Llorente

Profesor Titular de Universidad

Ph.D. Universidad de Murcia


Ángel Perni is an Environmental Scientist & Economist. PhD by the University of Murcia (Spain), where he worked as researcher and lecture assistant at the Applied Economics Departament. He participated in the European FP7 REFRESH project during his research stay at the James Hutton Institute (Scotland, UK). He worked as Post-Doctoral Researcher and Contractual Agent at the European Commission - Joint Research Center (JRC) at the Economics of Agriculture Unit (2013-2018). Later, he joined the General Economics Department of the University of Cádiz (Spain) (2018-2023). Since 2023, he is an Associate Professor at the Economics Department of the Pablo de Olavide University. His research interests relate to environmental and agricultural economics applied to policy assessment. He is open to new collaborations and topics though. He has published in relevant journals such as Ecological Economics, European Review of Agricultural Economics, Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, Science of the Total Environment and Environmental Impact Assessment Reviewamong others.