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Paula González

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Ph.D. Universidad de Alicante


Paula Gonzalez is an Associate Professor at the Economics Department of Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla (Spain). She holds a PhD in Economics from Universidad de Alicante, and she undertook postdoctoral studies at the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium). Her research interests fall within the fields of health economics, public economics and industrial organisation. Paula’s current research interests include pharmaceutical incentives for R&D and politicians’ switching party strategies.

Paula has received the 2003 iHEA (International Health Economics Association) first prize for junior researchers, and the 2006 and 2014 AES (Spanish Association of Healh Economics) prize. Her research papers have been published in leading academic journals such as the Journal of Public Economics, the Journal of Health Economics and the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, among others.

Paula is involved in various scientific committees and participates in many international conferences and several research projects. She has acted as principal investigator of competitive research projects funded by the Spanish Government since 2013. She coordinates the research group in Welfare Economics at Universidad Pablo de Olavide, funded by Junta de Andalucía, since 2016. Paula currently serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Health Economics.

Selected publications

  • “The Enforcement of Mandatory Disclosure Rules” (with Matthias Dahm and Nicolás Porteiro). Journal of Public Economics 167: 21-32, 2018;
  • “A Theoretical Approach to Dual Practice Regulations in the Health Sector” (jointly with Inés Macho-Stadler), Journal of Health Economics, 2013, 32 (1), pp. 66-87.
  • “Strategic Quality Competition and the Porter Hypothesis”, (jointly with Francisco J. André and Nicolás Porteiro), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2009, 57: 182–194.

Docencia / Teaching

  • Técnicas de Análisis Microeconómico (2º Grado de Análisis Económico).
  • Economía de la Salud, la Educación y el Medio Ambiente (4º Grado de Análisis Económico).
  • Intoduction to Economics (English Syllabus, 1º Doble grado en Derecho y Administración y Dirección de Empresas).