Next Economic Analysis Seminar Series

On Monday May 27th 2024 at 12:00 P.M.

El próximo lunes 27de mayo tendremos el seminario impartido por Martín Fernández (LISER) con el título "Internal Migration, Cultural Diffusion, and Fertility: Evidence from Indonesia".  El seminario tendrá lugar a las 12:00 en la Sala de Juntas del Edificio 3.


Coautores: Sam Bazzi y Hillel Rapoport


Resumen: This paper analyzes the diffusion of migrants' fertility norms in host communities. We exploit a unique historical experiment, Indonesia's transmigration program, which resettled millions of people from Java and Bali (i.e., transmigrants) to the outer islands in the 1980s. This program created hundreds of new villages in which transmigrants and local natives mixed, creating quasi-random exposure to different fertility norms. Using microdata from several population censuses, we find strong evidence of cultural diffusion from transmigrants to natives. On average, exposure to transmigrants in the village with fertility norms equivalent to one fewer child led to about 0.5 fewer children among young native women. We explore several mechanisms and rule out the influence of economic factors, intermarriage, and the diffusion of family planning information. We provide evidence that the results are driven by exposure to transmigrants at multiple levels (e.g., in the same building, in the neighborhood) and by role models (e.g., transmigrants holding more prestigious and visible occupations)