About us

The Academic Unit of Economics is one of the 6 Academic Units or Areas that comprise the Department of Economics, Quantitative Methods and Economic History of Pablo de Olavide University.

At the moment, 12 full-time academics and more than 10 part-time academics form the Academic Unit of Economics. The Unit has teaching responsibilities, both in Spanish and English, in the degrees in Economic Analysis, Management and Business Administration,  Environmental Sciences, Finance and Accounting, Sociology and Social Work as well as in the respective joint degrees, in addition to several Postgraduate Programmes.

Her members, activities and seminars, lines of research and research teams in addition to any other relevant information can be consulted through the menus of this webpage.

Concerning the academic organization, the Unit has two co-directors, who currently are:

Patricia Fuentes Saguar, pfuesag@upo.es and

Pablo Revilla Aparicio, revilla@upo.es