Programme of activities:

Research in the centre, in line with researchers’ previous activities, will involve:

a) submission of research proposals to private and public organizations (official bodies, charitable works of financial institutions, educational centre associations, etc.).

b) participation in official gatherings to further research (projects of excellence, framework programmes and any other related research initiatives).

Research conducted in the centre will be geared towards two principal goals:

a) scientific production disseminated in specialized journals with an impact factor; and

b) development of learning/teaching products for the aforementioned subjects.


Research activity will be especially focused on:

  • applied studies formulating new teaching techniques, new learning materials and new evaluation processes in the classroom, in relation to the specialist knowledge areas.
  • research projects supported by the Oficina de Transferencia de la Investigación(Research Transfer Office) and external funding by private or public organizations.
  • consultancies for external organizations dealing with products, methodology, team-building etc.