Artificial intelligence applied to the preventive conservation of heritage buildings


If you have any questions about the use of the tool, please refer to section User manual. For quick help on the meaning and values of each of the variables press the Imagen icono ayuda button with the information icon next to each input variable. Below are the steps to be followed to obtain the vulnerability, risk and functional life indices of a building using the tool:

1) Manually enter the building coordinates in the "Building Coordinates" section. Alternatively, you can press the "Select Coordinates" button to search and click on the location of the building on a map of Spain. The coordinates must be in WGS84 (EPSG:4326) format which is the default format used in "OpenStreetMaps" and "GoogleMaps". That is, the latitude and longitude coordinates must be expressed in decimal degrees.
2) Once the coordinates have been entered by either method, click on the "Validate coordinates" button. If there have been no errors in the coordinates and a valid geographic location within Spain has been selected, the variables 1 and 16 to 21, will be automatically assigned to a value. These "automatic variables" cannot be edited or entered by the user manually.
3) Then you must manually enter the values for coordinates 2 to 15 inclusive. The values for each variable must be between 1.0 and 5.0 inclusive.
4) Finally, once you have completed all the input values of the first 19 variables, you must press the "Send" button in the "Results" section.

If, once you have obtained the result, you have made a mistake or want to change the value of any of the variables, you can do so and press the "Send" button again. You will see that the results or indexes obtained are automatically updated. The "Clear all" button resets all the variables and deletes the last results obtained. Press it only when you have finished the evaluation of a building and you want to go on to evaluate another one.

Coordinates of the building

Input variables
Informative variables (do not fill in)