Website Info

AVP Site Coding:
António H. F. Maia aka simcosmos.

Baseline / Scripts:
This site adapts the Perfect 'Right Menu' 2 Column Liquid Layout by Matthew James Taylor. View more website layouts and web design articles.
AVP's style sheet (avp.css) contains extra references and comments for pieces of code that were useful, adapted / enhanced. Thanks.

GSlab site tested with:
firefox, opera, opera mobile emulator, chrome, safari, delphin browser; (msie8, netscape9)
the site should be responsive in a range of lower (~240px width) up to higher (~>1200px width) resolutions
(javascript on)
(cache=always latest page)

Generic Website Notes:

  • The site is structured with a simple layout intended to be responsive to various screen resolutions.

  • Although there was an effort to make the site multi-browser and cross-platform compatible, some features might not work so well in older browsers (ex: IE5.5 / 6, Netscape): in principle, this should not limit the presentation of the most important data nor have significant impacts on navigation.

  • At the right top side of all pages there is a Google Search Box (by default, the search is limited to within AVP domain - - if the 'search only in AVP' box is kept checked).

  • All pages have issue dates, at the bottom right corner, to inform when they were last updated.