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RC21 2021 conference ‘Sensing the City’ going fully virtual

The measures surrounding covid-19 are still in place in most countries, and there is no clarity about how this will affect conferences held during the summer. By going entirely virtual, everyone will be able to participate regardless of possible corona travel restrictions. Andrés Walliser (UCM)...

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La ciudad antes, durante y después del COVID-19

EUrPol y FCEA publican un informe con las contribuciones realizadas en el seminario web La ciudad antes, durante y después del COVID-19. La publicación ofrece una perspectiva multidisciplinar sobre las causas, consecuencias y estrategias para hacer frente al COVID-19 en las zonas urbanas.  EUrPol and FCEA publish a report with the contributions...

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The comparative analysis of urban policies

Urban policy is an increasingly important policy domain in international and national agendas, intended to cope with the complexity of urban problems. This article introduces main analytical elements to analyse urban policies as multi-level policy mixes proposing and validating an original methodological approach (the comparative...

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The quality of European urban policy

Since the 1990s, the European Union has launched different programs to promote urban development plans. Implementation and outcomes evaluations have resulted in a “European urban acquis” concerning the importance of comprehensiveness, collaborative governance, and participation to promote “good plans.” However, the evaluation of the quality...

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