Últimas Publicaciones

Urban Scenes, Cultural Context Exposure and Contemporary Health Lifestyles: A Multilevel Analysis of Spanish Sub-municipal Areas

Editorial: Springer
Author/s: Zapata-Moya, A.; Mateos-Mora, C. y Navarro-Yáñez, C.J.
Published on: 2020
Pages: 273-296
Book: Inequality and Uncertainty. Current Challenges for Cities

Evaluating the Quality of Urban Development Plans Promoted by the European Union: The URBAN and URBANA Initiatives in Spain (1994–2013)

Journal: Social Indicators Research
Author/s: Navarro-Yáñez, C.J.; Rodríguez-García, M.J.; Guerreo-Mayo, M.J.
Published on: 2020
Pages: 215–237

Urban policies as multi-level policy mixes. The comparative urban portfolio analysis to study the strategies of integral urban development initiatives

Journal: Cities
Author/s: Navarro-Yáñez, C.J.; Rodríguez-García, M.J.
Published on: 2020

The Study of Cycles of Protest: Approaches to the Case of Spain

Editorial: Springer
Author/s: Daniel Gutiérrez-Marín; María Rosa Herrera Gutiérrez
Published on: 2019
Pages: 333-345
Book: Qualitative and Quantitative Models in Socio-Economic Systems and Social Work

The (re)production of health inequalities through the process of disseminating preventive innovations: the dynamic influence of socioeconomic status

Journal: Health Sociology Review
Author/s: Zapata-Moya, Á. R., Willems, B., & Bracke, P.
Published on: 2019
Pages: 177-193

Movimientos sociales y trabajo social: miradas y difusión científica

Journal: Global Social Work
Author/s: Herrera Gutiérrez, M.R, Delgado Niebla, M.L
Published on: 2019
Pages: 3-24

Innovación en políticas urbanas. Perspectivas metodología y casos

Editorial: ICARIA
Author/s: Navarro, C.J.; Parés, M.; Martí-Costa, M.; Díaz Orueta, F.; Walliser, A.; Rodríguez-García, M.J. y Vázquez Aguado, O. (Eds.)
Published on: 2019

La agenda del desarrollo urbano integral en España (1994-2013)

Journal: ANDULI, Revista Andaluza de Ciencias Sociales
Author/s: Navarro Yáñez, C.J, Rodríguez García M.J, Gómez Ramírez, I
Published on: 2019
Pages: 47-65