Subjects and teaching activities supervised by the EUrPol Jean Monnet Chair.

Title: Urban Sociology
Centre: Faculty of Social Science
Main Lecturer: Prof. Clemente J. Navarro

This course seeks to provide students with the theoretical and instrumental competencies necessary to analyse urban phenomena in the European Union and the policies developed to cope with urban policy problems. Beyond conceptual competences, students acquire instrumental skills to analyse the urban phenomena and policies doing practical exercises and little research activities.


Title:  Welfare State and Societies
Centre: Faculty of Social Science
Main Lecturer: Maria Jesús Rodríguez García

The course provides students with theoretical and practical skills to analyse Welfare State from a comparative perspective, including the role of local policies to improve social cohesion in different contexts. Students develop practical exercises about this issue from a comparative perspective.


Title: Advanced Methods for Social Evaluation
Centre: Faculty of Social Science
Main Lecturer: Maria José Guerrero Mayo

This course introduces main elements of the analysis and the evaluation of public policies. Together to lectures sessions, students develop practical exercises to evaluate the quality of the design of an urban development project developed in the framework of European urban programs.


Title: Sociology of leisure and consumption
Centre: Faculty of Social Science
Main Lecturer: Clemente J. Navarro Yáñez

Lifestyle is the main topic of this course. Besides classical approaches based on social status, the course introduces the importance of cities in attracting creative activities and people, to promote social cohesion and the role that EU urban policies play on this issue. Students do practical exercises applying survey analysis and ethnography.


Title: European Urban Policies: foundations and tools
Centre: Postgraduate Studies Centre (CEDEP)
Main Lecturers: Clemente J. Navarro, Maria José Guerrero, María Jesús Rodríguez, Inmaculada Periáñez

This course tries to provide conceptual competences to understand the foundations of European Urban Policies in the framework of the Policy Cohesion and the Smart Specialisation Strategy, as well as specific skills to analyse and evaluate urban initiatives and projects developed under this framework.