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Gender and Equality

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General Information

Masters Degree (Oficial Degree)
One academic year
60 ECTS credits
Blended learning
Available places:
Field of knowledge:
Social and legal sciences
Centre offering the course:
Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Used Language(s):
Spanish / English


The purpose of this interdisciplinary Masters degree is to provide students with professional skills through comprehensive (theoretical and practical) training, so they can take part in equality matters. It focuses on the design, development and evaluation of the different dynamics related to gender and equality between women and men.
The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To make students become experts at gender equality. By this means, they cater for the demand of professionals from public and private institutions that seek to develop programmes and equal opportunity policies, as well as the gender mainstreaming in the implementation of policies and the analysis of its gender impact.

  2. To help students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in order to understand the meaning and application of the gender perspective in social research, and to define, promote and implement programmes on equal opportunities between women and men.

  3. To transmit the values of equality and democratic citizenship.

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Degree Designation: Masters Degree in Gender and Equality
Centre responsible for the Degree: Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Centro de Estudios de Postgrado
Publication date in BOE [official state gazette]: 2017-12-22


Course for the Implementation of the Degree: 2009-10

The programme will continue every year on the basis that the minimum number of established enrolments can be filled..



Beginning of the academic year

November 2018


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