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RIVUPH Proyect (HUM-6775)

Desing and validation methodology for risk and vulnerability maps of historical city centers.

The risk map of Andalusian Historical Heritage is a statistical approach or information system in order to provide an instrument of support for the scientific and administrative activity for the institutes, state agencies, regional and local authorities responsible for the protection, preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.

To build the risk map, components of individual vulnerability of monuments and cities hazards will be studied.

Vulnerability will be evaluated by a regional bibliographic studies and insitu. One andalusian vulnerability map will be achieved. An integrated hazard map will be addressed in three levels: static-structural, environmental-air and anthopic hazards. As a result of the process, the weathering patterns forms of building materials of andalusian cities will be valued and vulnerability perimeters will be established by greographical information system (GIS).

This approach to real problems allows to pose future interventions for mitigating the alteration processes and developing follow-up maintenance and environmental control of our cultural heritage.

University of Pablo de Olavide, University of Seville and ECOMIMESIS enterprise are involved in this proyect.