Website Info

G-S Lab / Epigenome Browser Site Coding:
António H. F. Maia aka simcosmos.

Baseline / Scripts:
This site adapts the Perfect 'Right Menu' 2 Column Liquid Layout by Matthew James Taylor. View more website layouts and web design articles.
The table in People's page is presented with HTML Table Filter Generator by Max Guglielmi.
G-Slab's style sheet (gslab.css) contains extra references and comments for pieces of code that were useful, adapted / enhanced. Thanks.

Site tested with:
firefox, opera, opera mobile emulator, chrome, safari, delphin browser; (msie8, netscape9)
=> 1024x768 optimum resolution (600px min. width, although the site may also be responsive and 'behave' in a range of lower / higher resolutions)
(javascript on)
(cache=always latest page)

Generic Website Notes:

  • The site is structured with a simple layout intended to be responsive to various screen resolutions.

  • Despite its 'liquid design' nature, and unless the user's browser / device has an adaptive zoom feature (like what is traditional in portable devices), it is recommended that the minimum resolution should not go lower than a width of 600px: this is mostly due to space requirements related with 'People' Table presentation (such resolution constraints might be improved in eventual later code revisions; in portable devices the People Table page will fit the physical screen).

  • Although there was an effort to make the site multi-browser and cross-platform compatible, some features might not work so well in older browsers (ex: IE5.5 / 6, Netscape): in principle, this should not limit the presentation of the most important data nor have significant impacts on navigation.

  • At the right top side of all pages there is a Google Search Box (by default, the search is limited to within GSlab domain - - if the 'search only in GSlab' box is kept checked).

  • All pages have issue dates, at the bottom right corner, to inform when they were last updated.