Created in 1974, Construcciones Sánchez Domínguez holds a place among the largest construction companies in Spain while progressively increasing its multinational dimension.

The company’s mission is to ensure maximum quality, viability, and an excellent relationship with customers and suppliers in the construction, infrastructural, environmental and promotion services it provides.

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S.E. Carburos Metálicos, S.A.

Created in 1897, the company’s first factory, dedicated to the production of calcium carbide, was installed in Berga (Barcelona). Progressively the company grew and production increased. In 1927 a plant for the production of acetylene was built, following the constitution of ‘La Sociedad Hidroeléctrica del Pindo’, the construction of a new factory in Cee, etc.

For over a century, Carburos Metálicos has been an active agent in Spain’s growth and development. The company’s innovative philosophy has guaranteed Carburos Metálicos a leading position in the private sector. Leer más …

Research Aprorca

This young company was created in 2007 for the development of new services and products in the chemical and environmental sectors.

The company offers consultancy services encompassing a wide range of sectors and products.
They also specialise in the introduction of new products into the Spanish market, and are currently working on the distribution and commercialisation of the cosmetic family of products Natural Heaven. Leer más …


This technological company, attached to the University of Seville and operating in cooperation with other research groups and companies in the agrarian sector, works in the generation of knowledge and the development and transference of technology. The company works with microorganisms with the aim of offering good quality, efficient, and environmentally minded biotechnological solutions to the agro-alimentary, energy and environmental sectors. Leer más …

Solar Platform Almería (PSA)

Attached to the CIEMAT, this is the largest research, development and test facility for solar concentration technologies in Europe.

The PSA is constituted as an R+D division within CIEMAT’s energy department.

It also operates as an education and research platform for new scientists, a key element for the fulfilment of future expectations Leer más …


Company created in 1941 for the production of domestic cleaning products.
It is world leader in the sector.

The company’s facilities stand as an example of modernisation, technology, quality and efficiency in all productive processes.

The company’s commitment to research, development and innovation, alongside its determined bet for quality and environmental respect, are the key factors to ensure a prosperous future. Leer más …