Seville, 16 June 2022

On June 15, the URBAODS Congress was held online. Students from the participating universities presented their research work on the SDGs at the local level. Students working in EUrPOl have presented their research on analysing the SDGs in three neighbourhoods of Seville. The presentation has been the following:

Opportunities for cultural consumption in the Historic Center of the city of Seville. Laura Altamiranda, Federica Canzilla, Marina Paqualini, Alejandra Real and María Rodríguez

Poligono Sur: an analytical approach to associative ecologies as the social capital of its neighbourhoods. Anna Cacciapaglia, Alberto Jiménez, Álvaro Romero and Alejandro Sevilla

San Jerónimo: the decline of urban associationism, Adolfo Aldana, Francisco Javier Daza, Antonio Delgado and Enrique Gómez

Event programme: enlace

Event programme
URBAODS. Student congress on ODS, urban change and policies.

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