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Lunes, 15 de Julio del 2024

INCITE: Autralian Summer Monsoon

The steady enhancement of the Australian Summer Monsoon in the last 200 years

A new bicentennial series of the Australian monsoon strength based on historical wind observations has allowed for the assessment of the variability of this system since the early 19th century. Our series covers a period in which the scarcity of meteorological observations in the area had precluded the evaluation of long-term climatic trends. Results indicate that the increase in precipitation over Northern Australia reported for the last 60 years is just a manifestation of a much longer lasting trend related to the strengthening of the Australian monsoon that has been occurring since at least 1816.

Key Words: Monsoons; Paleoclimatology; Precipitation; Logbook

Reference: Gallego, D., R. García-Herrera, C. Peña-Ortiz and P. Ribera, 2017: The steady enhancement of the Australian Summer Monsoon in the last 200 years. Scientific Reports, 7, 16166, DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-16414-1

Figure 1: Standardized AMDI for December, January and February between 1800 and 2014. Error bars indicate the expected standard deviation based on the number of observations available each year in ICOADS 3.0. Shaded curve is computed as a robust locally weighted regression with a 31-year window 19. Dashed lines indicate the linear fit (1800-2014). Linear trends for December, January and February are 0.00, +0.69 (p < 0.01) and +0.96 (p < 0.01) standard deviations per century respectively.

The AMDI series can be downloaded HERE.

I.Vega 2017