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ISIpedia: The open Inter-Sectoral Impacts encyclopedia (2018-2021)

This project addresses the coproduction of climate-impacts knowledge, in a hands-on collaboration between scientists and users. The end product is an open climate-impacts service portal, ISIpedia, offering tailored access to state-of-the-art climate-impacts assessments and data, based on the cross-sectoral, multi-model simulations conducted within the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP, ISIpedia s development will integrate the full chain of climate-impact-service co-development, from research design and implementation, to delivery. Users of the envisioned online platform may include climate adaptation planners and implementation practitioners, interdisciplinary scientists including climate economists, and regional climate experts from the private sector such as (re-) insurance companies.

The VARECLIM group hosts Veronika Huber, the sectoral coordinator for thermal stress and water-borne diseases, who is involved in the design and implementation of the scientific research that the ISIpedia portal will be built upon. The specific scientific tasks to be performed includes the analysis of temperature-related mortality in German and Spanish cities and the contribution to regional cross-sectoral syntheses of climate impacts, based on new ISIMIP simulations and the literature. Veronika is also responsible for coordinative tasks such as consulting about the sector-relevant specifications in the new ISIMIP protocol to be developed, inviting new modelling groups to join ISIMIP, enabling access to sector-specific input data, and providing advice on the development of societal relevant impact metrics.

Key words: climate change impacts, human health, temperature-related mortality, climate services

Research funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

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