Seville, 15 March 2022

EUrPol participates in the URBAODS project, coordinated by Professor Margarita Barañano (Complutense University of Madrid). This project’s goal is to involve and teach students in the study of the SDGs at the local level. The project involves students from the following universities: Complutense de Madrid, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Autónoma de México, Buenos Aiares and Pablo de Olavide.

In the EUrPOl team participate 13 students of the degrees of Sociology, Social Work, Political Science and Law. Students, professors and research staff of the Urban Governance Lab participate in seminars to study  SDGs at the neighbourhood level and to design the research methodology that will be applied in some neighbourhoods in Sevilla. This strategy will try to combine secondary data analysis, ethnographical observation and interviews among residents and qualified informants.

URBAODS. Practical training on ODS and urban policies research.

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