Seville, 11 March 2022

What role does culture play in promoting sustainable urban development? What role does it play and can it play in the sustainable urban development policies promoted by the European Union?. These two questions have focused on the seminar by Professor Marta Klekotko, the Jagiellonian University (Poland) and Clemente J. Navarro, head of EurPol Jean Monnet Chair. This seminar is one of the activities carried out by Professor Klekotko during her stay at the Urban Governance Lab with the aim of establishing comparative research strategies on the impact of cultural initiatives on sustainable urban development, especially through the integrated urban approach promoted by the European Union, through the international network on ‘Cultural Scenes and Urban Development’ promoted by the RC03 of the International Sociological Association.

Marta Klekotko (Jagiellonian University)
Cultural scenes and sustainable urban development. Towards a cross-national comparative analysis

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