Anyone has the right to access the information and services offered by the website without sensory, motor, cognitive or technological restrictions. This right should be especially sensitive content and web services of public administrations, eliminating or minimizing all possible access barriers.

The portal of the Faculty of Humanities has assumed since its genesis that commitment. To achieve this objective we adhere to the defined WAI (Web accessibility Initiative) guidelines belonging to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). These guidelines have been adopted by the European Union and are the mandatory reference in Spain. This is of vital importance to favor access to the content of the website to the maximum number of people and in the greatest possible number of situations.

This portal, therefore, has been designed so that the content can be easily converted to other formats and to make it understandable and navigable. This means that both a person with some type of decline and anyone else who is in a circumstance that makes it difficult for them to access the information on any web page can access the contents successfully.

Among other accessibility features, it is important to be able to change the size of the text that is most convenient, or to be able to deactivate the predefined design of the website so that the contents are seen more clearly. For non-visual navigation, it is also possible to use screen readers in an understandable and convenient way.

To facilitate navigation, the following hot keys have been used:

  • Key s: Go to the main content of the page.
  • Key 1: Home.
  • Key 3: Sitemap.
  • Key 4: Main Navigation Menu.
  • Key 5: FAQs.
  • Key 8: Legal Advise.
  • Key 0: Accessibility.
  • Key c: Go to the page header.
  • Key p: Go to the bottom of the page.
  • Key u: Go to the main menu of the page.

To make use of these access keys in the main browsers, use the following key combinations:


  Windows Linux Mac
Firefox Alt + Shift + key In Firefox 14 or later, Control + Alt + key
In Firefox 13 or previous, Control + key
Internet Explorer Alt + key N/A
Google Chrome Alt + key Control + Alt + key
Safari Alt + key N/A Control + Alt + key
Opera Shift + Esc open a list of contents, which are accessible through accesskey, then you can choose an item by pressing key