You can use RSS to always be informed of the latest news from Pablo de Olavide University.

RSS is a format similar to XML that allows you to reuse the contents of a website on another page or retrieve them from specific applications (RSS readers).

It could be said that it is a system that allows almost to dispense with the Internet browser to access the news, since the selected articles can be seen in the RSS reader program used to download the information. The most recent versions of the main Internet browsers already allow the subscription of RSS feeds so that we can access the latest news from our favorite news sites from the bookmarks section.

How is it used?

We can access the RSS information offered by the Pablo de Olavide University, in several ways:

1. From a last generation browser. For example Explorer 7 or Firefox 2

2. From a specific RSS reader program such as Thunderbird (preferred option). In the following link you can find a guide for the configuration of this program.

 Guía de configuración del programa Thunderbird como lector de RSS.

3. From the personalized cover of some search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Some search engines allow users to adjust the cover to their preferences and choose some items such as weather information or add their own RSS to view the updated news of their favorite sites.

To do all this it is necessary to copy the address (URL) of the dynamic link that allows all these programs to rescue the owners and the link to the information from the original site.

List of RSS addresses of the University

University News:


News Faculty of Business Studies:

News Faculty of Experimental Sciences:

News Faculty of Social Sciences:

Sports Faculty News:

Law School News:

News Faculty of Humanities:


News Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemical Engineering:

News Department of Social Sciences:

News Department of Private Law:

News Department of Public Law:

News Department of Languages and Translation:

News Department of Geography, History and Philosophy:

News Department of Physical, Chemical and Natural Systems:


News Office of Information Results Transfer (OTRI):